Investments concentrated in Italy and to a lesser extent in the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)


Multi-industry approach with preference for high value-added industrial goods’ sectors, non-cyclical businesses, as well as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and certain consumer segments such as luxury and food

Market segment

Profitable mid-market businesses with revenues in between € 20m and € 100m, export-oriented, niche leaders led by experienced, proven management teams that could benefit from European and/or global synergies via local and international support for organic and/or buy and build expansion strategies

Deal types

Buyouts via low leverage. Growth capital transactions, including replacement capital and qualified minorities

Investment size

Initial investment from € 10m to
€ 25m

Buy & Build strategies 

Identification of target companies to consolidate the market
Access to debt financing and other sources of capital

Organic growth initiatives

Identification of greenfield sites, overseas partners to improve technology, know-how and product range
Introduction of new distributors / clients and hire of key employees
Negotiations of JV agreements and local partnerships

Operating improvements

Active participation in budgeting and operational performance measurement
Capex planning, cost reduction and enhanced treasury management functions
Upgrade of management information systems and reporting

Enhanced corporate governance

Strategic input at board level by MCP professionals and industry experts
Recruitment of senior management for leadership positions
Implementation of management incentive plans

MCP believes that responsible investing helps to drive long-term value creation for investors, portfolio companies and the society at large. The long-term nature and ownership model of the private equity asset class essentially supports responsible investing. This is why we are convinced that responsible investing can reduce risk while increasing performance potential. MCP is compliant with the SFDR disclosures.

Since 2015, MCP has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment issued by the United Nations (UNPRI)

MCP monitors and discusses potential ESG topics with the managers of the portfolio companies in order to assure an ongoing ESG focus during the holding period

MCP incorporates ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes by performing an ESG due diligence at the time of the acquisition. A bad rating can cause the refusal of the investment opportunity

MCP seeks appropriate disclosure on ESG issues including in the periodic reporting to the investors activities and progresses towards implementing the UN Principles